Meet Us

ownersPlease allow us to introduce ourselves, we are Patrick and Kaydene.

We were both born in Jamaica and raised and educated in the United States.

We have three wonderful children and enjoy traveling, entertaining and nature.

We love Jamaica: it’s natural beauty, charming people, diverse culture and amazing food. A few years ago, we returned for a 15th year anniversary get-away and our second “villa vacation”. (We had discovered the year before, when we were bit by the “villa bug”, that there is really no other way to truly “vacation” with young children.) It was during this visit that we serendipitously found and fell in love with our Jamaica home, that we renamed Serendipity. We purchased this vacation villa as a way to reconnect with our birth island that we treasure so much, and to share this treasure with our three children, extended family and friends.

It is here that we are truly able to relax, unwind and combine our love of people, travel, and God’s gift of creation.

It’s our favorite place to be, and will be yours too; we know you will enjoy the villa as much as you do.

Patrick and Kaydene